The Zoroastrian Portrait Project

A grant based project created with the San Francisco Bay Are Zoroastrian community. The project serves a two fold purpose. While being created as a fund raiser in the form of a 14 x 11 coffee table book to help raise capital for the Zoroastrian community center it also helped bring together the Persian and Indian Zoroastrian communities closer than ever before.

The Bay area is one of the few regions in the world where Indian and Persian Zoroastrians have lived side by side but 1400 years of separation since the exodus from Persia has resulted in a similar but not same situation in the way the faith is practiced further making the two communities feel different from one another. Using art as a medium of reunification we set out to create a collection of stoic, posed portraits reminiscent of ancestral Zoroastrian portraits, contrasted with more modern, true to life expressions of love, joy, and family.